December 15th, 1841

To my Father on December 15th, 1841



From the diary of Emily Ellsworth Jackson (December 15, 1841)

Oh for some power to break the spell

That fetters my full heart, & tell

One half the thoughts that in it dwell

                                    Of thee, my Father.

Sad it did seem, that offered there

With greater favor God would hear

A daughter’s faintly uttered prayer

                                    For thee Father.


These lines express with some truthfulness the feelings of love and reverence with which I regard my father. He always seeks a retired spot for prayer, and when earnestly engaged in this daily duty, I cannot go about the house without hearing his supplicating tones asking for my safety and happiness.

Many times after he has left the room from prayer, I have often been attracted to the spot in which he stood, and have tried to pray there as well, feeling as if my prayer would be more acceptable in its hallowed air.

I have become more reflective over this of late. I feel a change is coming. 


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