June 6th, 1908

From the diary of Ethelinda Deering Fry (June 6, 1908)

From the diary of Ethelinda Deering Fry (June 6, 1908)

June 6th, 1908

I helped Miss Riversmith gather flowers to put in the church.

This afternoon I went over to Biddeford to Miss Sawyer’s music recital, and then walked home with Junette and Elsie. We used our car fare for ice cream.

Some of the girls have a society for telling Murray Binford every thing Charlotte says about him. Helen Jefferson told Charlotte and Junette, but Elsie Spear and Hazel were trying to find out who told Junette. Today we discovered it was Grace’s tongue, and we called on Grace to tell her our knowledge.

Grace appeared quite horrified on five girls entering her parlor room. On most days, Grace was very sharp and quick with words; she often knew what she wanted to say and she often knew the finest way to say it.

Today, she was rather slow to speak. I watched her face as Charlotte spoke to her. Grace’s neck turned red and then became white as fresh milk in the morning. 

I am quite assured that Grace will be watching her tongue from now on.


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