Two Little Brothers


From the diary of E. Furull (February 27, 1871)

February 27th, 1871

I have very recently begun my first story, and am quite pleased with it so far. I have come to call it “Two little brothers” but I may come to change this name in time. There are getting to be many things to consider, but I hope to continue as often as I am able.

“Chapter 1-

On a bright cool Spring morning, two little brothers, Frank and Willie, started off to the wood after some flowers. After they both got to the place appointed they sat upon a large stone, which happened to be there, to rest for they were considerably tired, having walked for nearly four hours. F. was about thirteen years old and W. ten.

After they found drooping daffodils at the base of a Winterberry tree, they sat together on the stone and tucked the plucked flowers into their clothes. Frank had a mind to bring his flowers back to his mother and so set the daffodils very gently into his school satchel, which was already full with spelling books. But Willie had no designs for his flowers and decided to walk back to town with bunches of yellow fitted into his fists and protruding from his shirt pockets.

It was not long before Frank and Willie spotted their schoolmate Jack, who sat alongside the creek with his pant-legs rolled up to the knees.

Jack was a careless bare-faced boy; he never cared for what he had on or what people said about him and often thought it was good fun to go fishing with some of the other boys. You very seldom saw Jack by himself, so when Frank and Willie came upon the lone figure sitting by the creek, they were struck with a rather peculiar curiosity.”



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