The Writing

To craft fictionalized diary entries, I have conducted research using the diaries of different women from the late 19th to early 20th centuries. Although multiple diaries have been used to capture the tone and wording of the era, there are two main journals that have been used as inspiration for this blog.
The  Diary of a New Wife is based on the journal of Emily Ellsworth Jackson, who lived in Connecticut and died in 1853. Her father, William Ellsworth, was appointed a professor of law at Trinity College in 1827; he later became the Governor of Connecticut (1838-1842) and then a judge on the Connecticut Supreme Court (1847-1861).
The Diary of a Schoolgirl is inspired by the diary of Ethelinda Deering Fry, a teenage girl who was attending school during the early 20th century and wrote detailed journal entries about her experiences with class, singing, and the new invention of the automobile.